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Sire: Malomv�lgyi-Parkerd�st Trivil Pursuit

Dam: Hu JCh Suprablue Of Most-Majestic

Malomvölgyi-Parkerdöst Trivil Pursuit C.I.B
Concordia's Evening Shadow v Zitall
De JCh Yu Ch
Blue Gamble vom Zitadellengraben
De & Vdh Ch
Dreamtime com Zitadellengraben
Concordia's Cheria vom ZitadellengrBrother John vom Zitadellengraben
Landover's Trade Winds
Hu JCh
Suprablue Of Most Majestic
Lundecock's Scarface
Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe
Lundecock's Even Handed
Malomvölgyi-Parkerdösi Melody RoseAt Ch
Glenmist Blue Domino
Malomvölgyi-Parkerdösi Fifi

Bluemeadow's Lucky Charm "Tino"
Sex: Male
Color: Tricolor
Eyes: CEA clear
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Shows: Intermediate class Excellent, Placement 1
Agility: Class I with one 0-result
Other: http://ttinon.blogspot.com/
Owner: Netta M�l�sk�
Bluemeadow's Lucky Touch "Jeri"
Sex: Male
Color: Blue merle
Eyes: CEA clear
Owner: Brita Riekki